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  New Jersey Parents

               for                        Virtual Choice

For two years we have been fighting. Please consider donating to keep us going. Paypal @Dnye820   WE DO NOT HAVE A GO FUND ME, Please only donate via paypal. 


Bring back virtual learning for N.J. kids, these parents say as they rev up fight for remote option -

Study shows online programs, prevented Covid-19 learning loss.

​We are a group of parents from all walks of life with many reasons for wanting a Virtual Option. We do not stand for one reason. We stand for all. A Virtual Choice is needed for any family who wishes for this option no matter the reason or status of their children. 

"Any reason is the right reason; no reason is the wrong reason" 

Covid started it, but it will not end the fight for Virtual. 


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We need a virtual option now!

New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice is fighting for educational choice options in New Jersey, something that exists in 33 other states but not here. This is not about taking in person education away. Education is not one size fits all and should never be. Our stories are true, our children matter, and we will continue until our voices are heard and options are adopted. In 2023 there is no reason for a virtual option not to exist. "Any reason is the right reason; no reason is the wrong reason."

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Why We Need a Virtual Choice

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About NJ Parents for Virtual Choice

We are a group of parents and community members who support Virtual Choice as part of New Jersey's future. One year ago we were faced with the unknown when a pandemic struck. For many it has been a blessing. We come to the table requesting a partnership between all stakeholders as we continue to advocate for our students. There are many valid points of view to this conversation which deserve consideration. Please adopt legislation to have a virtual component in 

our New Jersey Public Schools. 

 "Our kids, Our Choice."

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Mother and Daughter

Why is a Virtual Choice important to us?

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Our oldest child in all the years of in person learning  in our Public School System has never achieved the Honor Roll. With that honor has come perfect attendance, something that has finally been achieved after seven years. A child who was stressed from constant pressures of in person that included bullying became one very open and outspoken person. His attitude has changed significantly in one year from negative to positive. A pandemic suddenly became a blessing. It is not just a family working at home together, it is the great efforts by our teachers and staff too. Virtual is important to us because it guarantees his achievements for the future.

Anonymous Family

My child is very afraid of getting Covid because she saw what it did to my husband and I.  We were supposed to go to Disney in June, her favorite place on earth, and she begged me to cancel the trip. She told me that I'm vaccinated but she isn't and is very afraid of getting sick. If she doesn't want to go to Disney because she doesn't feel safe and it's outdoors, why should I force her to go into a closed classroom? Virtual is important to us because it keeps her safe.

Susana M., Woodbridge Twp, NJ

My preemie spent 16 days in NICU and I am not going back there with him because his siblings were forced to attend school in person and ended up bringing home COVID-19. Moreover with P.1, B.1.1.7, and B.1.35 mutants out there and kids the only population unvaccinated, a "perfect storm" is brewing for the fall school openings where kids are going to get severely ill from uncontrolled spread of these mutants that have specifically adapted to better infect and sicken children and young adults. Virtual is important to us because it keeps us safe. Our bubble is our nest.

Brad H., Scotch Plains, NJ

About Us

New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice is a group of parents who have banded together to put all our efforts into trying to obtain a Virtual Choice to be adopted by the State of New Jersey by our Public school system. We are not looking to homeschool, be provided a home Instruction scenario. This is a virtual option that does not interfere with in person learning. Thirty-Three states have now adopted a permanent virtual model to allow those who wish to remain virtual during and after the Pandemic can do so.

" Just because you're over the pandemic doesn't mean the pandemic is over" The Pandemic may have started this but now parents and students strive for it. 

Distance Learning

Before & After Virtual School - Ian

Before & After Virtual School -- Ian
Before: Ian was bullied, got suspended, and was even sent to the hospital for an emergency psychiatric screening. Eventually his parents found him a special ed school with a smaller setting, but it was not the right fit and Ian continued to struggle. The school system was failing him.
After: Ian is thriving in the virtual setting. He learns better without the distractions of other students, his sensory issues, his anxiety, or other issues interfering. He has had perfect attendance and participation and perfect grades through this year of virtual school. Ian now has more time to pursue music – his passion! – and he has positive social interactions with his bandmates.
Ian has always struggled with the traditional in-person school setting. Families should have a choice in what works best for our children’s education!
33 states have permanent free public virtual school options. When will New Jersey get with the times and join them? New Jersey needs to offer a virtual choice.

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Which story are you?

Tell us your story

“My daughter has a rare genetic syndrome that involves a compromised heart, lungs, and immune system. She is too young to be vaccinated (and a vaccine might not even produce antibodies for her) and her team of specialists agrees that in-person school is unsafe for her. She has an IEP and would lose services if I had to pull her out of the district and homeschool her. Her sisters are also too young to be vaccinated and have been attending remote school as well. Sending them back in person would jeopardize her health.” 

33 states have permanent free public virtual school options. When will New Jersey get with the times and join them? New Jersey needs to offer a Virtual Choice! 

If you'd like us to share your story, please send us an email at  We will post quotes anonymously unless you choose to use your name. It's your choice!

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Get in Touch

New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice is committed to helping parents obtain Virtual Learning.  Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. Your contact request is confidential.

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