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Before & After

Before: Prior to the pandemic,

Charlotte was a student who

rarely raised her hand and was

very quiet. She was timid about

joining peers at recess.

Charlotte’s socialization has actually increased this year, thanks to all of the students in her class gaining access to technology. She collaborates with them through Microsoft Teams. She is able to message, video chat, and have Roblox and Among Us games consistently with a wide range of her peers. It’s truly brought her closer to her classmates. Throughout this year, she has learned to communicate with her teachers, to advocate for herself, to take accountability for her own work, and has been a very active participant in her class despite being one of only three in her class who remain remote. There has been a lot of talk about educational losses this year. I understand for many children that is an issue. It is not here. Charlotte maintained her grades during virtual school and even increased her grades in some areas.

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Virtual learning is not for everyone. It is a choice we should all be able to have. If other parents can choose to send their children in during a pandemic, Why can't we choose virtual for ours?

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