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Every single day we wonder why our Governor will not give us time to explain this is not all about covid.... It is about what covid taught us all. Many of our children thrived, for many being bullied every day the bullying stopped, children with health issues finally did not miss a lot of school, those who were on Homebound Instruction pre pandemic were finally able to participate and feel a part of something. There are so many reasons this will be beneficial to all who choose. Why does this man keep denying them a proper education?

155 days since the 1st ask

130 days since the 2nd ask

208 days since he said there would be options for families. (On ask the governor)

No call back, no email returns. No scheduling a meeting as promised is 63 days.

Most recent 7 days

Ignoring over 27,000 families


We need options now. #NJparentsforvirtualchoice



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