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A Plea from a single parent

I am a single parent and my daughter is not old enough to get vaccinated. Just the thought of her going into a classroom and risk coming home with the virus frightens me to my core. Sending our children back to school after reading and hearing about this variant is terrifying. Governor, what works for you and your family, does not work for everyone. It’s a SELFISH DECISION! If parents want their children in classrooms, which some do…then allow them to go…for the parents who’d rather keep their children at home remotely, extend that option. There a teachers out here that are willing to teach remotely. if you’d just extend that option. I just don’t understand what is so different this time around. The numbers are skyrocketing. GOVERNOR TAKE YOUR BLINDERS OFF! I may end up in someone’s jail or fined because I don’t think I’m sending my daughter back to school in September.

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