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Another winter is approaching fast, and the ignorance is even louder

As mid fall is upon us, we are reflecting on the continuation of the fact that our Governor Phil Murphy, Legislators and the teacher's union continue to ignore all the calls from parents and students requesting school choice options in New Jersey. It comes with much worry about our students as the nights become longer and daylight begins to dimmish an hour earlier. We worry that those children and families who are suffering from chronic illnesses, bullying, anxiety and so many other reasons will find yet another winter of darkness upon them because Governor Murphy, the legislators and the teachers union refuse to sit down and listen to the need for Virtual Choice. What is so difficult about expanding our public education system? Why is it all children should be in person? The children who did well during Virtual are not the ones experiencing education loss, stop looping them with those who failed during Virtual. Their education loss is now because they were forced back in person in order to continue receiving a public education. Please continue to fight with us, we are continuing the push and will not stop until we have a Virtual option in New Jersey like over thirty-five other states.

A special note to the Governor; If you would like to become President of the United States of America, you will need to accept facts and just some are Virtual options exist in over thirty-five states and Virtual learning works when properly done. Ignoring you own constituents will not look good on that Presidential resume.

New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice

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