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Bullied by who? Sent in by a mother

I badly want a virtual option my kid is literally harassed by school staff and school staff damaged my social curls every badly targeted I complained to the FBI too.

My kid is super brilliant academically, socially emotionally. We face lot of racial problems esepecially in shcool . Why do we suffer during in person school . Virtual worked so well. In whole school, 90% teachers and staffs are awesome , outstanding and extremely helpful but just for 10% staff that are not it ruins everyone life.


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Every single day we wonder why our Governor will not give us time to explain this is not all about covid.... It is about what covid taught us all. Many of our children thrived, for many being bullie

New info

Tomorrow Evenings meeting is being moved to Wednesday night. This will be permanent and weekly meetings will be every Wednesday. 8pm We will be listening to the debate as we think everyone should. As

Friday, October 8th

Friday, October 8th. We are going to Trenton in the morning (about 1030, 11am) to bring the Petition. We encourage you to come along. Bring signs, (we mentioned signs with photos of your children if