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The clock is ticking, we need your help

We are coming up on one year since we started this movement. We are in the same spot. No return emails or calls from our State Representatives, what kind of Representatives behave this way? Only NJ ones! We continue to email; attempt calls daily to the Governor with no response. We are hoping that with this New Year now upon us all of our followers will join in and help put the pressure on the Reps of this state. These reps have ignored us for far too long. It is time to stand up and make more noise. Will you help? We will attach a new template to our website so that you may use it to send emails. Come and join the Volunteer group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/527815578441321/

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This video will be available on our website shortly. We ask that you share it with all you know to spread awareness for what this fight is for. https://youtu.be/KYUhy6U6okk https://www.facebook.com/gr

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All you need to do is add your words to the NJ state BOE and send! Just look in the Menu on our Website and Tell the state boe WHY! Simple click and send, just don't forget what you want to say to the