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The thought of September brings worry

Before & After A choice for virtual gives these children a right to the education that best serves them. How would you feel if you were their parents?

Our Sons went through intense ABA therapy to adapt in society , when the pandemic struck we felt a bit overwhelmed not knowing if or not our sons will be able to learn with this type of education remotely.What a great difference in all areas.

We were told that our son who was diagnosed with alopecia Universalis at age 5 that he will never grow his hair again,It wasn't the case for him he did grow his hair now 98% of it is back and we started to understand that the reasons for him losing his hair was stress-related. We feel that his class setting while in person was causing this amount of stress.Everytime I heard Parent's say how awful the experience was for them during remote learning,we couldn't relate since we had the opposite experience with it working for our sons, why isn't this an option in NJ? Now my husband and I ask ourselves do we want him to go back and risk the chance with him losing his hair again at the age of 10. This year was a great success in an overall. The teachers were super and we worked alongside with them.Parent's are capable of learning to be a coach to their kids if they let us have this as an option.We hope that it does become an opportunity for parents to choose.


Advocating Parent's

Mr.& Mrs. Jose Perez

"Peace and Healing for Our Nation & the World"

"We can all be different while Still being equal"

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