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Virtual Testimonials

We each have our own reasons, many may be like others and others may not. While many continue to call us afraid they lack the concept of why we feel the way we do. The post Covid world is here we should adapt to it. Every parent should have a choice. Many children have adapted quite nicely to virtual learning. Just because your children thrive in person school does not mean ours do. You may not be alarmed to Covid but we may be. This is a great reminder at how we are all different and no one family is alike.  You will find just some of the examples of what we are finding as we spread our wings through our home state.

Happy Student

Our oldest child in all the years of in person learning  in our Public School System has never achieved the Honor Roll. With that honor has come perfect attendance, something that has finally been achieved after seven years. A child who was stressed from constant pressures of in person that included bullying became one very open and outspoken person. His attitude has changed significantly in one year from negative to positive. A pandemic suddenly became a blessing. It is not just a family working at home together, it is the great efforts by our teachers and staff too. Virtual is important to us because it guarantees his achievements for the future.


Mother and Daughter Love

My child is very afraid of getting Covid because she saw what it did to my husband and I.  We were supposed to go to Disney in June, her favorite place on earth, and she begged me to cancel the trip. She told me that I'm vaccinated but she isn't and is very afraid of getting sick. If she doesn't want to go to Disney because she doesn't feel safe and it's outdoors, why should I force her to go into a closed classroom? Virtual is important to us because it keeps her safe.

Susana M., Woodbridge Twp, NJ

Father and Son

My preemie spent 16 days in NICU and I am not going back there with him because his siblings were forced to attend school in person and ended up bringing home COVID-19. Moreover with P.1, B.1.1.7, and B.1.35 mutants out there and kids the only population unvaccinated, a "perfect storm" is brewing for the fall school openings where kids are going to get severely ill from uncontrolled spread of these mutants that have specifically adapted to better infect and sicken children and young adults. Virtual is important to us because it keeps us safe. Our bubble is our nest.

Brad H. Scotch Plains, NJ

Elegant Female

"With all of the knowns - and especially unknowns - of the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) associated with COVID-19 exposure, plus having a child who has already endured lifelong heart issues including open heart surgery at age 6, I cannot in good conscience send my children into a crowded environment such as a classroom prior to them having access to a COVID-19 vaccination. It is already known that COVID-19 and MIS-C have cardiac effects, and it's unconscionable that our politicians are even considering eliminating the virtual option or putting in hurdles to access a virtual option before a vaccine is available for children under 16."

Michelle S., Greenwich, NJ

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