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Our many reasons are only one reason to them

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For over one year we have been asking Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey for options. Options that exist in more than 33 other states. Options that do not interfere with in person learning in these other states. Why is something that appears to be so simple and much a part of so many other states' public education systems so hard to obtain?

Let's face it New Jersey is not the only state that has this problem but most of them uniquely are all in the Northeast. Why is our Governor so adamant about not having Virtual options? The answer is simple, because a Virtual education system like well over thirty-three other states in New Jersey was nonexistent and during covid our education system failed because we did not have a system in place. If this system existed so many things would have been different like all the states that have a Public Funded option. Not having a system proved to just about collapse our education system and when New Jersey tried without a provider, training and knowledge it failed. So, they blame Virtual instead of the problem at hand, not having a system.

Parents were forced to stay home from work, students were forced to learn from home and teachers had to start logging into a system they were not familiar with and all while trying to capture their student's attention daily with so many distractions along the way. Hybrid then came and well we know how that went. A disaster for many but this would open the eyes of more than 29,000 parents in New Jersey.

Since 2021 we have been consistently trying to obtain a meeting with the Governor much to our surprise, he and his staff have never replied to the requests, nor did he keep the words he mentioned several times. Well over one year later, we receive an email back that says we cannot be given a meeting. Why?

In the last year we have heard many stories and many reasons for parents wanting options for their children. Whether it is a short-term reason or a long-term solution for others, there are plenty. We have been researching every piece of legislation that is introduced in our state and the findings are the reasons why our school districts cannot offer, you would think that something like covid, or a potential cancer cluster would be enough for the state to allow options that do not interfere with in person learning or even something as wonderful as students doing well was not enough. It was never about "Our Children" because in our legislation the only reason is about the "funding" and that should stand out to everyone on why we do not have options. Are you over it yet parents? Our state will take local district funding away for giving Virtual.

Don't believe us click here: NJ Legislature (

It should never be up to lawmakers to decide what is best for children that are not their own. Sadly, our children are nothing but funding numbers. Even the children who are amid of a crisis in their own school building, which if founded can have potentially lifelong consequences for being forced to stay in those classrooms. Their parents are asking for options to keep their children safe! Why does our state not recognize this exponential need for Virtual? Adopt a virtual part so parents have the right to choose, allow those who wish to stay in person stay. You have nothing to lose!

Get a system in place before it is too late. New Jersey is way behind other states, and you cannot be innovative if you do not have a Virtual Public Option.

Give all the parents of New Jersey a choice for their own children, not yours. Parents know what is best for their own, let them decide. Not only do we need this as a state for thousands of families, but the parents of Colonia need it for safety concerns right now. There is no harm bringing in a provider for those who want and need all while not taking the in person away.

"Any reason is the right reason, no reason is the wrong reason"

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Please read for more information on the ongoing situation in Colonia, N.J.

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