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Testimony can be sent to

Important Note: There is a bill currently being heard on Thursday 2/15/24 regarding virtual learning and its potential expansion. However, the decision on allowing virtual is going to solely made by the DOE (Department of Education) with no parent or student input. It's vital for us to advocate for our voices to be heard in this matter. Let's ensure that the needs and preferences of students and parents are considered in decisions about virtual learning. Your participation can make a difference! The tides have turned. Those who once said never virtual are implementing it.


We need YOUR help to make a positive impact for our students!  Please take a moment to send an email to sharing the incredible achievements and positive experiences your child had during the 2020-2021 school year.

As we navigate through these challenging times, it's crucial for our voices to be heard. Let's showcase the resilience, dedication, and accomplishments of our students! Whether it's academic achievements, extracurricular success, or personal growth, every story counts.

  • In your email, include:

  •  Brief introduction about your child

  •  Achievements and positive experiences during 2020-2021

  •  Any challenges overcome or personal growth observed

  •  Your contact information

🚨Make sure they know PARENTS AND STUDENTS should always be included in these discussions and decisions, leaving us out is not healthy for their roles in our state.

Let's unite as a community and make a difference for our students!  Your support is invaluable.

Time is of the essence. Thank you!

Whether you want virtual or not you should be advocating to be the decision makers for your children and no one else!

If you can be in Trenton on Thursday let us know

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Testimony can be sent to Please BCC This has to be done today! Dear Parents, We need YOUR help to


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