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September is here

Dear Families,

The new school year is upon us and as with years past our fight continues. School Choice is an extremely long road, and it is so important to all of us here at New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice to continue fighting to have options that suit any child in our state. Next month will mark two years since we hand delivered the petition to the Governor's office and till this day, he refuses to meet with us. As constituents he is supposed to meet with us. We remember frequent times on Ask the Governor he would reply with "I'll meet with them, if they are peaceful." We are more than peaceful Mr. Governor and if given the opportunity you will see how much.

Families, please know you are not alone, and we are always here for you. We hope this school year brings resolution to all who struggle with in person.

Please tell us what you will be doing this school year.

The silence and lack of action on the part of our legislators and Governor leads us to believe they aren't on the side of families like so many we represent who lack access to the schools they need, or they are blessed to not know struggles. Our families matter. We are fighting for every New Jersey family and their school choice.



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